Books to Read Winter 2012

Books to Read this Winter of 2012


The Fault in our Stars by Green ( Truly one of the best books I have read this year- story about teens in a cancer support group. The dialogue is amazing, the storyline original, and the themes of death, leaving your mark with the living, the angst of the survivors- AMAZING!)*

The Last Nude by Avery  (1927, a struggling young girl agrees to model for the artist- Tamara de Lempicka, they become lovers….)

The Oracle of Stamboul by Lukas ( It is summer of 1877, the birth of gifted Eleonora  and her affect on a Sultan and how it changes the course of an empire, the 2012 Marin County Book choice))

The DoveKeepers by Hoffman ( Set in ancient Israel, 900 Jews held out against the Roman Armies on Masada. The story of 4 amazing women who each come to Masada by a different path)

The Orphan Master’s Son by Johnson ( this is a fictional portrait of North Korea hidden from view- “ rife with hunger, corruption, casual cruelty but also camaraderie, with stolen moments of beauty, love. Heard the author speak- AMAZING)

IQ84 by Murakami

The Leopard by Nesbo  ( OMG, what a follow up to the Snowman- another serial murderer with horrific consequences)

When She Woke by Jordan ( convicted of murder for an abortion and stained red for murder- she is permanently marked and followed by cameras broadcasting to the nation. Like the scarlet letter…not to distant future?)

The Leftovers by Perrottta ( Who remains after the rapture, some of the religious, thought provoking)

Death Comes to Pemberly by P.D. James ( A sequel to the Pride & Prejudice novel, a murder @ Pemberly)

Heft by Moore ( a 550 pound man who has not left his house in a decade & a 17 year old boy, poor struggling in a rich school- the connection and friendship that sustains them)

Turn of Mind by Laplante ( a hand surgeon who now has Alzheimer’s who might not recognize her daughter but has not forgotten surgery is the considered a suspect when her busybody best friend is found murdered and with four expertly amputated fingers? Suspenseful, I also found myself understanding the feeling of loss & confusion when in a state of dementia) I had this listed on my fall reading afraid some of you missed it.


The Emperor of All Maladies: Biography of Cancer by Mukherjee ( the story of cancer’s first documented appearances and the battles to conquer cancer in the 20th century)

Long  Walk by Long ( A firefighter who yes, survived 9-11, but that part is secondary to this story about a man who recovers from a horrific accident to do the iron man)

The Girls with Three legs by Mire ( Story of a Somalian girl & the “gift” of FGM  {Female Genital mutilation}  & the violation of basic human rigths in the daily life of girls in Somalia, )

Why Read Moby Dick by Philbrick ( Philbrick’s review of Moby Dick & why it is important)

Inside Scientology: The Story of America’s Most Secretive Religion by Reitman ( Ron Hubbard’s creation of Scientology is a notably closed faith, known to harass journalists and others through litigation and intimidation- here is the in depth scoop)

Beauty and The Sorrow: Intimate History of the First World War by Englund ( “highly original narrative history takes a revelatory new approach to the history of World War I, magnifying its least examined, most stirring component: the experiences of the average man and woman—not only the tragedy and horror but also the absurdity and even, at times, the beauty.” Amazon, magnificient.)

2 comments on “Books to Read Winter 2012

  1. Granny Lambert says:

    listening to Why read Moby Dick from audible…wonderful book…thanks for the tip…also have an incredible book about Moby Dick called Moby Dick in Pictures by Matt Kish…available from Amazon…love…Granny

  2. Linda Smith says:

    Tracy- I am a friend of Digi’s and I think your blog is wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

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