The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey


The 5th Wave is an action thriller. The story reminds me of The Host meets Invasion of the Body Snatchers causing War of the Worlds and the result is a intense, clever and exciting book. The Aliens announce their arrival on Earth with the 1st wave by shorting out the electricity on earth- no cars, no phones, no lights only darkness. The next wave creates tsunamis and coastal populations die. As the waves of attacks continue, we are introduced to the remaining earthlings, survivors who are fighting back.

The story is not just about fighting back but keeping a promise. Cassie, the 17 year old heroine, makes a promise to her younger brother before they are separated to come back for him and with cool determination follows through in spite of the danger to find her brother and keep the promise. Cassie is a strong character, she is tough, scared, sentimental and lost, but she does not give up! These aliens are no E.T’s, not looking to bond with humans or negotiate, but take control of Earth for their own purposes. Humans are to be exterminated. The story that follows is gripping with surprises. Yancey does a good job and his heroine, Cassie, is one we can identify with. Though this is considered young adult fiction, it definitely engages the adult reader. The next Hunger Games… I highly recommend it! Tracy’s 2 cents.

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