Hello Bookies

My first post.… my purpose with this blog is to share with you the books I love. As most of you know for the past 5 years I have been making summer and winter lists of my best book picks – in Adult Fiction & Non Fiction and now it has expanded to include Young Adult Books. Now I can share it all here  with you  and anybody else who is interested in what I am reading. Eventually, I will show you my working book for your feedback and pleasure ( I hope).

In addition to my book review posts, check out my book lists. If you recognize any books on my lists that you enjoyed, typically the rest of the list will appeal to your reading taste. I am always looking for book recommendations so send them my way! Thank you for visiting my site and listening to my 2 cents.


4 comments on “Hello Bookies

  1. Kristen M. House says:

    Great job Tracy. Glad you are sharing your passion and 2 cents!!!!! Can’t wait to start reading some of your suggestions.

  2. Granny Lambert says:

    Thanks Tracy…I will always feel your energy and your desire to leave the world better for your having been here! Though we do not share time together, we are connected in our lives being the vehicle to BE…the change we want to see in the world!
    Love from Granny in NOLA!
    Joy to your amazing worldly representation of cultural diversity family…love to all of them!
    Peace,Harmony, Laughter, and Love!

  3. Janet says:

    Love this Tracy and I’m so glad you are up and running…I’m engrossed in the Fault in our Stars and have enjoyed our bookie conversations over the years…here’s to many more!

  4. Nadia says:

    You’re the bomb the Tracy!

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