2010: Tracy’s Summer Reading List

2010: Tracy’s  Summer Reading List 

Adult Fiction:

Beneath the Lion’s Gaze by Mengiste  ( 1974 revolution in Ethiopia, tears a family apart)

The Condition by Haigh   ( a family and a daughter with Turner’s syndrome)

Every Last One by Quindlen  ( devoted mother, tragedy, regaining meaning)

Island beneath the Sea   by Allende  (Set in Haiti and later Louisiana, it is during the time when the Haitian slaves revolt, 1791, and becomes the first black republic.)

Live to Tell by Gardner  ( murder and a Pediatric psych ward- interesting mystery)

Matterhorn   by  Marlantes  (  soldiers in  Vietnam..it took 30 years for this author to get published, very worth it)

My Name is Mary Sutter by Oliveira ( midwife, civil war- very interesting )

The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake by Bender (tasting others emotions, story about a girl who on her 9th birthday develops the skill of feeling the emotions of the people who cook for her – her mother, the cafeteria cook at school, etc. It gets to the point that the only food she prefers to eat is vending machine food- no emotional roller coaster because the food is made by machines)

The Passage by Cronin  (Human drama plus science fiction)

The Secret Lives of Baba Segi & his Wives by Shoneyin ( Baba & his 4 wives, a Nigerian tale- Baba pursues why one wife can’t get pregnant & secrets are revealed)

Someone Knows my Name by Hill  ( slave travels from West Africa 2 U.S.- )

Still Missing by Chevy Stevens (creepy thriller about abduction of a realtor)

The Surrendered by Lee ( Korea, refugees, loss)

Tinkers  by Harding ( a mender of clocks & deathbed memories)

This is Where I leave you by Tropper ( a family sitting shiva, Jewish tradition to honor the dead, emotional & very funny)

The Wives of Henry Oades by Moran ( a job in New Zealand  leads to the kidnapping of the wife and children, the husband moves to America, remarries and the first wife and children appear..based on a true story)


Non Fiction:

Annie’s Ghost by Luxenberg ( Set in Michigan- it is about a family secret, and its implications)

Blind Descent by Tabor     ( Race( between the Russians and US to find deepest caves- captivating, the last thing I would ever do…treking into the deepest caves on earth, dark, damp, dangerous and no back up rescue team)

Desperate  Passage by Rarick Or   The Indifferent  Stars Above by  Brown ( both of these books are about the Donner Party)

Hellhound on his Trail   by Sides  (  MLK assassination and James Earl Ray)

Game Change by Halpern ( politics during the campaign for Prez, 2008, wow!)

The Immortal Life of Henrieta  Lacks  by Skloot  ( stolen cells used for research, great historical piece about the lack of informed consent for people of color, poor in USA)

Lost City of  Z  by Grann  (Trying to locate the “El Dorado” of the Amazon)

Making Toast by Rosenblatt  ( a daughter dies, the grandparents help raise her kids)

Nomad by Ali   (from Islam to America, clash of civilizations)

Packing for Mars by Roach ( impact of space travel on the human body, plus a history of space travel)

Sh*t My Dad Says by Halpern ( dumped by his gfriend, moves home with Dad- if you are ok with profanity it is without a doubt a very funny book. I have reread it 3-4 times, and laugh harder each time)

Unbroken by Hillenbrand   (story of WWII soldier who survives an pacific ocaen plane crash, drifts on the ocean for 47 days, becomes a POW, and finds forgiveness. Louis Zamperini is still alive today. His story is fascinating- beginning with his juvenile delinquent days, becoming a runner, attending the Olympics and meeting Hitler, and then signing up for the war. MESMERIZING!!!) 

War by Junger      ( Junger embedded with a battalion in Afganistan. What I really appreciated about this book is- how the soldiers work as a unit, have each others back and how one error can lead to the death of your buddy. Also it brings insight into how you make a soldier, a fighting machine, and how difficult it can be to turn off those skills in civilian life )

Wesley the Owl by    O’Brien ( a rescued barn owl & a love story- had no clue about owls, their habits and personalties)

Winter 2010-2011:     New books just published and on my list to read:

Non Fiction

Cleopatra: A Life by   Schiff ( history of Cleopatra- she truly was a very talented and smart woman. She spoke 9 languages and navigated the world stage of politics- keeping Egypt safe and independent. The only drawback to this book is it reads like a history book and I found it dry at times)

The Tiger by Vaillant (the true vengeance of a tiger in the the far east area of Russia)

Even Silence has an End by Betancourt (six years of captivity in the Columbian jungle, running for President in Columbia and is kidnapped by the FARC rebels. Her story is )


A False Friend by Goldberg lies about a tragedy in childhood, when she becomes an adult & tries to rectify the lie, no one listens…

How to Read the AIr by Mengestu ( Immigrants from Ethiopia, their “intergenerational dislocation” in America, and  Ethiopia )

You Know when the Men are Gone by Fallon ( stories about Ft Hood and the military families)

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